• Akaki Tsereteli State University Tamar Mepe st. 59, Kutaisi, Georgia Post Index 4600

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Why Akaki Tsereteli State University?

Some positive points of studying at ATSU : :

  1. Fully English medium & 5 years duration
  2. Oldest university of Georgia
  3. 18 buildings for teaching capacity (54,468 sq.m)
  4. 90 years old university
  5. Its located just 2 hour from Tbilisi Airport
  6. Kutaisi is the earlier capital of Georgia.
  7. Indian hostel & food
  8. MCI coaching from 2nd year by Ex-AIIMS & CMC prof.
  9. Medical wing is operated from the very beginning
  10. Its also listed in ECFMG, which makes ATSU most valuable university for those students who are interested for studying USA.